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Discussion on: πŸ€” What really makes you a software developer?

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Shaquil Maria

I think what makes you a software developer is in the name. Do you build software? If yes, then you are a software developer. If you are either working on the frontend or the backend, it doesn't matter much. If you are building websites, then you are not a software developer, but a web developer.

How much time or experience do you need to be considered a software developer?

I don't think experience plays a role in calling yourself a software developer, but more in what type you are. Are you just beginning your career? Then you are a junior or trainee software developer. Do you have a lot of experience building enterprise software or production-ready software? Are you at a level that you can coach someone? Then you might be a senior software developer. If you are neither here nor there, you have experience but not on a senior level, go ahead and say that you are just a software developer.

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Daniel Diaz Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll keep it in mind