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Vacation, or plain off-time (weekends, after-hours, so on), I have a hard rule: No. Friggin. Building. None of it.

I don't like that rule because my brain doesn't stop, but I need it for sanity. I have a compromise: No code, but I can ponder.

I take that time away from the screen to do fun things - hiking, playing handball, watching raindrops, real-world things - but I allow myself to reflect on what I've built, and think-through what I plan on building.

The outcome is a happy, well-balanced me, and a very clear direction once I'm allowed to lay down SLOCs again.

Frankly, some of my best architectural decisions have come from this. I hike, I make my way to a good sit-rock in the middle of a raging creek, sit for a few hours and watch the water, then I go back to Intellij on Monday and build a streaming-data solution that has no problem with billion+ records/day

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