Discussion on: Bad Habits Developers Should Fix

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Martin Becker

I agree with pretty much everything here, I cycle to and from work, even when I'm a bit tired, so I get my exercise.

Whilst I do program as a hobby, I do it when I feel like it, right now I'm building a roguelike game to learn the rust programming language but If i don't feel like programming I won't.

I can often spend weeks where I'm not programming at home, but when I do, I do my best to not allow what I do and learn at home to be guided by stuff I need to do at work, that way it's more of a hobby for the sake of hobby then a hobby for the sake of work.

I honestly find the direction thing a bit weird, I mean I get it, but for me my direction has always been what I liked at that time rather than a specific end goal, so I tend to float about. I did some dev-ops but found I didn't like it so I'm not doing it, I do like development so now I'm developing an app at a startup.
Same thing in terms of learning stuff, I'm learning rust because I wanted to learn a systems language, I wanted to try functional programming, I wanted it to not be C/C++ and I wanted to learn something that would compliment my ruby skills.
That said, not having a clear path would suck.

For me, my problem is probably communication in the context of a professional environment, I'm not very good at it, I'm getting better but I still find it hard.