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re: I had to learn C++ and Python for my intro classes in school (currently working on my Associates in CS) but when it came time to picking a language...

Plus Java transitions into other language fairly easy. You won't have an issue going to C#.


That is good to know and makes me feel even better about my choice. I had a hard time going from Python to C++. And I wouldn't say I am proficient in either, but the next year of school will be all in Java if I get all the classes I picked. Learning algorithms, structures, OOP, and all the other stuff will be my primary focus after summer classes.

I hope you get em! Java seems like a great language to learn. You should check out the site hackerrank. They are pretty good at starting you off easy and getting really hard the more you accomplish. They teach you algorithms and structures. Nick White on YouTube also has tons of videos from them.

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