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When you have full-stack responsibilities and your front-end is Angular and your back-end is NestJS, you can have a wonderful experience.

On top of this, I also see bonus points when you have a monorepo setup and shared resources between both ends (while my builds are so-so, I am waiting patiently for out-of-the-box Bazel support!)


Interesting. So NestJS borrows concepts from Angular, as it says it's "heavily inspired by Angular"?

I see how this could be very efficient.

In the React community, GraphQL is becoming really popular. It's basically pushing more work to the frontend and using the concepts of components for data fetching. But I'm not aware of any full-stack combo like Angular & NestJS.


Programmers have serious issues with naming things: next.js, nuxt.js, nest.js



NestJS does have GraphQL server by way of wrapping Apollo GraphQL server.


My team has an Angular application with nest and I agree with this 100%.

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