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Great summary.

I've written a ton of bash.

My rule for writing bash is to write as little bash as possible.

Anything with any sort of even mildly complex logic, use a modern scripting language - Ruby (my preference) or Python.

I've also written github.com/thewoolleyman/process_h... which makes dealing with subprocesses much nicer in Ruby.


My experience has been the exact opposite. Bash, when properly learned, is very powerful and, what's more important, SELF SUFFICIENT.
Ruby and Python either make for very long scripts to accomplish even the basic tasks or pull in a gillion libraries as dependencies, which turns it into a sysadmin nightmare. BTW, the process helper library you linked to is a classic example of that.

My personal preferences for scripting: bash when possible, Perl when necessary, Python if you're adventurous and NEVER Ruby.

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