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re: Can you please provide an example? I want to use with an <Image> element with dynamic source inside a <FlatList>, something like this.....

Seems like a small syntax error:

import * as ImageLibrary from '../../static/assets/icons';

  renderItem={({ item }) => <Image source={ImageLibrary[`image${item.icon.split('.').slice(0, -1).join('.')}`]} />}

In an example this translates to:

// assets/icons.js
export { default as imageEditIcon } from './edit.png';

// index.js

// With item.icon = editIcon

<Image source={ImageLibrary.imageEditIcon}/>

You are using something called a computed key for an object, by taking advantage of template strings to interpolate the value into the string. With interpolation and writing it statically it would be the same as ImageLibrary['imageEditIcon'] which retrieves the value for ImageLibrary.imageEditIcon

i'm really sorry... it was my fault.. that's exactly what i'm trying to do. Thanks a lot!

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