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Welcome to This is Learning—an invitation to our open tech authors community

Cover photo by Le Wagon on Unsplash.

This is Learning is an independent community of tech writers and content creators. We're a diverse and inclusive group of people publishing about software development and related activities such as career, learning, and productivity.

We believe in:

  • Honesty, openness, diversity, and inclusion
  • Learning in public

We believe that:

  • Sharing is caring
  • Together we can

No matter if you're just starting out or you've been writing or creating content for years, This is Learning is for you. If you're an aspiring author, you will find writing tips, support from a community of peers, feedback on improving your writing skills as well as the technical aspects of your work.

As a seasoned writer or content creator, you'll find like-minded peers, discuss openly what's close to your heart and get the opportunity to support upcoming and aspiring peers.


The This is Learning family of publications currently consists of 2 publications:

With strong roots in the Angular community, we currently have a team of 14 writers publishing on This is Angular. This is Angular is a publication about Angular-specific technology and topics. As is the case for all This is Learning parts, the This is Learning publication is free from conflict of interests. Your opinion, your experience, and the content you share is deeply appreciated. Don't hold back. In fact, let's move forward.

This is Learning has a diverse team of tech writers and content creators. Our worldwide group of 13 authors includes everything from software graduates through software developers to software architects as well as developer advocates and framework authors.

Other content

As content creators, we do more than tech articles. Some of us contribute to or maintain FOSS projects. Some create videos or live streams. Some are seen presenting at conferences or meetups.

We're currently collaborating on an RxJS Fundamentals course. As with all of our content, it will be free and open. Reach out to Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen if you're interested in joining this effort.


We all enjoy sharing our learnings and doing so for free, in the open. No membership required, no paywall, no walled garden, no fees, no-nonsense. Our content is visible in search engines and often attracts attention on the amazingly supportive DEV Community platform.

Sharing is caring. We're sharing our content because we care about the tech community and believe in continuous growth and learning in public; not because of money or KPIs. We welcome cross-posting so you're free to publish a duplicate of a post from your personal or company blog and use the canonical URL metadata to refer to your original post both technically (for SEO purposes) and visibly in the article header.

We believe that content should be shared in the open and that it should be free from conflict of interest. This is our aspiration. No business decisions getting in the way. No corporations censoring our opinions, experiences, or attempts at progress and knowledge sharing.


Feedback is very welcome; comments are always open. We have a private Discord server open to all content creators. This is also the place for everyone publishing on This is Learning publications or contributing to our open knowledge projects. If you are a tech writer or content creator, we would love for you to join even if you're not publishing with us or contributing to our projects although you're more than welcome to do so.

When you publish with This is Learning, you're likely to be discovered by readers, by DEV Community curators, and by search engines. Your content is shared with your peers in the private Discord server as well as on our official Twitter accounts, (@Thisis_Learning and @Thisis_Angular).

Get in touch with Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen to join our community of tech authors:

Together we can.

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