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RxJS — OSS “Behind Closed Doors”

Behind every successful open source project is a group of motivated individuals who come together and combine ideas to produce something great.

RxJS Contributor Days brought together this group of people this year. Co-hosted with the RxJS Core Team, it was an event where OSS developers came together to discuss the underlying components of the library. Led by Ben Lesh (@benlesh), project lead for RxJS5+ and software engineer at Google, Jay Phelps (@_jayphelps), core contributor to RxJS and software engineer at Netflix, and Paul Taylor (@trxcllnt), core contributor to RxJS, and Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) the event was a success.

One of the goals of Contributor Days was to strengthen relationships within the existing RxJS community. Large consumers of RxJS, contributors, and a few external developers were invited. A number of topics were brought up for discussion. Subject matters concerning RxJS such as operator philosophy, versioning, standardization, size and modularity vs. ergonomics were presented, and met with a great exchange of ideas.

In addition to maximizing the strengths and improving the weaker elements of the library, RxJS Contributor days was also hosted to create greater opportunities for new contributors to explore. The entire day and all conversations were recorded as a method of sharing a “behind the scenes” look on how decisions are made, and why certain features are implemented, in order to improve visibility in the RxJS community.

As you watch these videos, don’t let your insight or desire to get involved go to waste. Reach out and ask how you can help, or gather ideas and action items from the videos below.


  1. RXJS Contributor Days — A Summary :
  2. RxJS 5+ and Beyond Talk by Ben Lesh at Contributor Days :
  3. RxJS 5 Operator Architecture Talk by Paul Taylor at Contributor Days :
  4. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 1 Operator Philosophy and Versioning :
  5. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 2 Size & Modularity vs. Ergonomics vs. Performance :
  6. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 3 Breaking Changes & Communication :
  7. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 4 Zone.js Integration :
  8. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 5 Helping Newbies Understand the value of Rx :
  9. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 6 Debugger :
  10. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 7 Standardization :
  11. RxJS Contributor Days Discussion — 8 Reducing Beginner Pain :



Contributor Days seeks to develop relationships and unity between developers and users alike, and RxJS Contributor days is just one example. Creating great open source software is a community effort, and by no means could libraries exist without collaboration and input.

You can find out about upcoming Contributor Days at

This article was co-written by *Trinh Kien and *Tracy Lee

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