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I confess that being an old Google addict I used their services a lot to help me search for or put my website on the first list. (Thing done for one of my services.)

But since I became aware of privacy by watching documentaries on Google and Facebook, basically the GAFAM, I started using DuckDuckGo and very quickly hooked on its functionality of the !bang commands. They are so useful for research purposes. It avoids loading the Google page and then searching for a keyword, and then clicking on the platform you want to display.

For the analysis part of my site, I always use G. Analytics because it allows me to leave it and ensure a better result on Google searches. I then add Matomo, formerly called Piwik, it is an open source analysis tool to be hosted on your own machine. They are therefore not shared in a room.

As for the others, I still haven't taken any alternatives.

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