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Discussion on: Good keyboards matter.

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

It must be nice to be able to sink an extra thousand dollars into a computer that you don't really need and has components that defeat the purpose of laptops like portability and not making noise... I'm still getting my foot in the door and grew up a little too lean to be wasteful but if that's your work flow, have it. I'm also a little too aware of the dark side of life to ever have had time to game so I may just not get some vital aspect of the whole "gaming laptop" that's heavier than a micro atx gaming build thing anyway 😁

As for macOS (or OSX as it was) sure it maybe based on BSD and I know what it is, that doesn't mean your average Dev does Saying Linux is pretty much the shorthand for anything not MS or Apple, but thanks for clarifying for the community.
Since we are going that way should I just call it GNu/Linux or can we agree that level of sperg is excessive?

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tux0r Author

I grew up with high-quality business laptops that could survive contact with my clumsy hands. Sadly, they just don't build these anymore outside the gaming community... also, my desk is usually too full for desktop computers. :)

Hm, I'd prefer to use proper terms so people can learn from me. - Actually, there are Linux distributions which don't rely on GNU, so I would just say "a Linux distribution".