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Like all things, if it is made in Europe or by Europeans, chances are its better. While not always true, especially with certain types of guns that are illegal there anyway, that heuristic can save you wasting your time or money setting up Visual Studios in whatever version, just use JetBrains its better. Same is true of GitHiub and either Bitbucket or GitLab. While not able to speak for European office workers, the American form thereof is made by people staring at a clock so they can veg out staring at a screen with some reality garbage on it, predictably they make garbage.This heuristic is especially true if it involves German products (except their cars they float their economy with by using obnoxious bolt sizes in)as they have a culture that values work as opposed to valuing doing as little of that as possible, which remains the trend in California (do not move here, any of you, soon the locals will be sending those who already did out if the tent cities get much bigger) German craftsmanship or French aesthetics are both superior to any American alternative I have so far seen in technology, which conforms to traditional distinctions, Americans produce gluts of raw material and Europeans craft that into well thought out and appropriately balanced products that are slightly more expensive (usually) but worth the investment from the consumer's standpoint.

And no I am not the typical American who thinks Europeans do everything right, those are the lazy clock watchers who picked that opinion up from the TV too but that's another conversation entirely.

by the way 15 year old coder, DON'T MOVE TO CALIFORNIA the ghetto I live in costs more than Paris anyway.


I am very happy to read your comment. What a very complete comment. I don't know how it is in America but every French teen wants to live in america. Everybody wants to be an American. I don't think European's project are better. Btw I love Google wich is an American enterprise. I'll be happy to speak with you about this. Maybe I can write something about this.


I would be interested in doing such a piece.

One truth about life I have come to realize is that everyone wants to be somewhere they aren't, which for Americans manifests in less than healthy ways such as wanting to be European or in some exotic Asian nation they romanticize. The truth is we are happiest learning to be who we are and where we are.

Before tech was as big as it is now and I was still in secondary, here called High School, everyone wanted to be a movie star and move to LA. Now that tech is huge, swarms of LA residents are moving to the Bay Area to be "coders" aka Product Managers. The key is doing what you love since you'll spend most of your life doing it, it just happens to be coding for me weirdly enough but I'd do it if it weren't as lucrative as it currently is just the same. Something tells me the same might be true of you.

France, to my understanding, is actually developing its own cluster of technology companies and some of its free source projects are spectacular (like Yunohost, which I use too) and the Netherlands and Germany are also becoming big players in technology. Which so far has been good for increasing the diversity of companies isolated from one another's fads and why, for a while at least, Microsoft was such an engine being itself isolated geographically from the Silicon Valley.

I am harsh on local firms perhaps, Google makes several technologies I couldn't live without and the Pixel XL is the best phone I've had since the iPhone 4 with tons of customization options (which I appreciate, as design is somewhat important)

Very intéressant. I love to read your comments. You should write a post about it.


While I appreciate the insight, I think it's a dangerous generalization.
Besides, I believe both GitLab and GitHub's HQ is in SF, CA

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