Discussion on: Are newer developers pushed too exclusively towards web development?

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Its true of why I know anything about it, but its not bootcamps my dude its high paying jobs with a relatively low bar to entry due to the overwhelming demand for it and for anything relating to it via Javascript and its not a bad place to weed out the people who enjoy it enough to contribute to dev/IT overall from the multitudes after easy money that would engorge on the free snacks in the lunch room and leave the rest of us stuck with their work too.

Having come in first to Linux and expanded in every direction from there, it seems that the biggest thing creating the entrance funnel in web development other than market pressures is probably that web development is the easiest for people who are tech illiterate to comprehend in the first place as the jargon in this industry makes it nearly impossible to wrap your head around at first, if you aren't already somewhat into linguistics. There is a lot of distance between the world of the dev and popular culture because its something people aren't into or its something so heavily wrapped in incomprehensible jargon that how could anyone even be into it without getting their foot in the door through some specific interest that impacted them ?(most people and the internet, me and the Linux)