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Discussion on: Architecture as a burden

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Thomas Junkツ • Edited

Thank you for this great article. Been there done that.

My philosophy - which is frowned up along my colleagues - is simple and counterintuitive:

Build disposable software. That's it.

Abstract as much is needed to allow throwing complete parts of your software out of the window.

This is not, what we are taught - mostly. We are taught building cathedrals of architectural beauty and purity which could potentially last forever.

But from my experience it doesn't pay - from a business perspective - to invest much in lasting architecture, because business changes often enough. And here disposability is an advantage.

That doesn't mean that you do not have to care at all: on the contrary!

It is more like TDD on scale: do the minimum architecture to solve the current business problem. And if done correcly - like in TDD - you could throw the current implementation out of the window and do something new.

If your architecture became a burden, you made it too heavyweight.