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Thomas Leathers

because of my experience working on SBTCVM, a base 3 virtual machine inspired by 50s Russian computers, specifically its 2 custom languages, I know language design isn't necessarily easy...

Whether its a scripting language or a compiled one, its not something that goes well if you rush, nor is it easy in any sense.

as far as scripting languages, they often depend heavily on what environment they are built for, even if such dependence isn't always obvious.

On another note, compiled languages come with their own set of challenges, challenges I'm sure some braver web developers might dive into once web assembly becomes more common.

Then again, writing programs for a 6.5Khz ternary CPU emulated in python, is a tad different than scripting hypertext :p

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Jackson Elfers • Edited on

Sounds absolutely wild, I'd love to hear more about it. I'm looking forward to web assembly. I could see it potentially opening the flood gates for new web technologies. Best of luck with your ternary emulations. Edit: Looks like you've written quite a bit on the subject. Small typo in your bio 😁