re: What are your non-tech interests/hobbies? 🏝 VIEW POST


Gaming, visual art (varied), music creation, fiction writing, and crafts. definitely one of those creative types, i am.

The best thing about being so varied in the arts, and a gamer, is that i have an advantage in the realm of game development. :)


Cool! Have you given that a head start? Game development that is


well, i do have a few games written in python (using pygame). including a point and click adventure game engine. Much of my games however, im yet to properly finish.

As a side note, i also have written games for SBTCVM, my ternary computer simulator. Writing games in your own programming language, using your own development tools, and your own architecture, is a rather complex endeavor. (SBTCVM, as you might guess, takes a lot of work to develop, hence why my game developing is slightly lacking.)


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