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Discussion on: The Balanced Ternary Machines of Soviet Russia

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Thomas Leathers

Quite an interesting read. Though i must say i probably have a bigger understanding of balanced ternary than most, given that i am chief developer of the SBTCVM project, a project that aims to create a balanced ternary virtual machine. The Setun computers are quite a fascinating bunch.

SBTCVM really started with one night browsing wikipedia, and coming across balanced ternary, and in turn an article on Setun. the basic idea was i wanted to work with balanced ternary on binary computers.

When I started the actual VM itself, i had gotten an integer mathematics library up and running, and figured id put it to use. And while SBTCVM has its own architecture design (that's mainly a result of the development process), The Setun machines were and are a key inspiration.