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re: As someone who started out in assembler over four decades ago, this approach really bothers me just due to the overhead of all the blasted "functio...

I wouldn't say the Builder pattern exists solely for legibility purposes. Being able to do things async / transactionally instead of a serial burst is one of the first use cases that comes to mind. Building something with a multi-stage setup is something I do a lot in C# for automating serial port hardware, such as detecting a USB HID is on the tree before attempting to open a port is much easier with a method like this.

It's much easier to do incremental construction rather than a try/catch around a giant constructor and requiring catches for 10 different failure modes in the client. In my experience, a non-builder approach makes the coupling between the caller and constructor very tight in order to accommodate the error handling in these situations.

I first learned ASM also, but I've come to terms that ASM exists in a world apart from higher level languages. I like to use patterns like this to ensure that, from a dev perspective, I can building something with a solid foundation and rely on the compiler to optimize for the machine code. And since this post is on JS and I mentioned compiling, I'll just mention that's why I now use Svelte 3. 😊

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