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Discussion on: Why You Should Start Contributing to Open Source Software Right Now

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Thorsten Hirsch • Edited

This number surprises me:

Linux is powering 30% of all websites globally

I've never seen such a LOW number for Linux' web server market share. Your source is also stated on Wikipedia, but the other sources have completely different numbers:

W3Cook: Linux 96.4%, Unix 1.7%, Windows 1.9%
Security Space: Linux+Unix ~80%, Windows ~20%

These numbers look more reasonable to me since everything cloud-related is based on Linux. So while Windows IIS might have had a big slice some years ago, the market share of Linux must have grown significantly since.

So if you want to stress the importance of Linux there are plenty of statistics that give you far better numbers than the 30% you've cited.

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Daniil Baturin

W3Tech reports are thoroughly confusing. says that "Unix is used by 71.8% of all the websites" and that "Linux is used by 28.7% of all the websites.". This sounds like Unix and Linux are distinct entities. But, what's that mysterious "Unix"?

Now let's check out
It says that 40% of "Unix" is Linux and 59% is "Unknown".

So, according to their report Linux knowingly powers ~60% web servers. This sounds more plausible already. A lot of the "Unknown Unix" is likely Linux as well of course.