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Discussion on: We made our coding guidelines explicit and it's helping us as a team

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Thorsten Hirsch

Congratulations! This sounds like a wonderful workplace from a technical standpoint. I would like to know if some of your team members are freelancers and - if so - do they also join the technical discussions? And how do you onboard new team members? Do they accept the rules? How do you encourage them to bring in their ideas? So many questions... ;-)

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Maikel Lammers Author

Thanks Thorsten, and thanks for showing interest ;)

We have a changing number of freelancers. In phases they account for 50% of all developers in our setup, and they are participating in all meetings and discussions, including pull requests. We highly appreciate their reviews and fresh view on things.
We encourage them to also contribute actively to our guidelines.
Part of our on-boarding, is walking them through our coding guidelines, while making clear that they are not set in stone and subject for discussion.
So far we haven't had the problem that somebody hasn't accepted our guidelines. If that happened we would discuss the problematic points in our engineering meeting and hope to find a consensus.