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Discussion on: I Tried to Create HTML Alternative, Here's What Happened...

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Athaariq Ardhiansyah Author

That's really great analogy, thanks for that 😊 I'm wondering if World Wide Web Consortium actually willing to open their mind for the next web standard

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Adam Nathaniel Davis

The Consortium is indeed the "correct" way to go about making such changes. It probably wouldn't happen as an alternative to HTML/CSS, but rather, as an extension to them. The Consortium works as all big, distributed, voluntary committees work - that is to say: they work at glacial speed and it's hard to get them to agree on much of anything. But it is, theoretically, possible.

But you should also keep in mind that what you are building, in many ways, goes against what that Consortium has been trying to do for the last 20+ years. In the very early days of HTML, there were more examples where style was stuffed right alongside the content (e.g., the height and width attributes of table cells). There was a very conscious effort to strip the style elements out of HTML. The thinking was to consciously provide a separation of style and content.

While I don't necessarily disagree with your approach, you are stuffing style elements right back into the content. I can guarantee that, if you were to talk directly with folks at the WWW Consortium, and you explained that your new-and-improved approach includes such built-in attributes as alignContents, width, height, backgroundColor, cornerRadius, etc., your idea would be dismissed immediately.