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Discussion on: Describe the Best Interview You've Been In

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Dan Benge

The best interview I ever had involved just two white board questions:

  1. Draw your dream house. Illustrate it as much as possible with annotations and explanations.

  2. Draw three baskets. On the first basket, draw the word apples. On the second basket, draw the word oranges, on the third basket, draw the word mixed. Each sign lies about what is in the basket. For example, there are no apples in the apples basket. How would you figure out the fruit of each basket. You are allowed to reach into ONE basket.

That was it, followed by some conversation. 2 was super easy on retrospect, but I worked it out on the white board anyways. I think 1 was just to show the interviewer how much detail you use when explaining concepts.

I ended up getting the job. :)