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When would be the ideal time to quit your unhappy job to seek new one?

I have been working for this job for seven months as a React developer which is my first job as a full-time frontend developer, before that I was working as a research assistant for almost 4 years. There are some managerial problems, work culture is a bit toxic and it is almost normal to organize a meeting on weekends(which is weirdly kind of perceived as normal in my country unfortunately.)
I couldn’t stand with these conditions and I don’t think that I am not expanding my knowledge. However, I am always worried about that If I quit this right now, it will look bad on my CV and people might think that I am a kind of person who gives up easily and not reliable employee.

What do you think? What would you do If you are in this situation as me?

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I think it's usually ok to leave a job early if you're not happy, especially after you have some experience. Everybody knows that there are bad companies out there and it is normal to find a bad apple every now and then. If you have a track of staying a few years at previous jobs and you are quitting this one after only a few months you can still prove that you are reliable given the right environment.

Or, to put it in another way, I would expect companies that think that leaving a job after a few months is a red flag to never have terminated any employment after just a few months. If employees are not allowed to make mistakes when choosing a company, neither should companies be allowed to make mistakes when selecting employees. So if they are concerned about that, well, you've just learned one of their double standards.

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Thank you so much for your considerate and attentive answer.

My other concern is actually that before research assistantship position, I was working for another job and I also quit that after 6 months again for the conditions that are not suitable for me.

I am not regretful about that decision but right now I am in a bit of a contrived and desperate situation, I even felt ashamed to talk about it in the post.

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Herb Wolfe

The standard advice is to hand in your notice, only after you have signed the paperwork for your new job. So right now, you should be looking for a new job, before you quit this one.