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Discussion on: 🤔 What Would You Change About this Website?

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Bernd Wechner

The first thing I'd change is the I'd explain up front what the FPA is on one line. If there's one thing I hate surfing the web it's TLA's that are used without expansion, it just irks. I surf in and am wondering WTF is the FPA (one TLA begetting another).

To wit the title should clearly display "Fairfield Programming Association (FPA)" somewhere before the term FPA is used elsewhere. That is the custom with TLAs anyhow.

At the bottom of the page you have what's like a letter and signatures. Huh? I hope you're just being allegorical there, but it's just downright dangerous to be posting anyone's real signature or initials on-line let alone on the home page. Next thing someone is signing checks with WIlliam or Neil's signature ;-). If they're fake all the better you have in fact got a little honeypot for catching such scoundrels red handed but the point remains it's odd.

Finally if, as the name suggests you are geographically focussed, that is work in Fairfield, then, remember that you are on-line and people surf in from everywhere and if it's a global service say so up front. Don't even assume they are in the US. For example you could write the intro as:

Join the Fairfield Programming Association (FPA).

An open-source, non-profit dedicated to the education of children in the world of computer science around Westport and surrounds in Connecticut, USA.

Other than, looks fine. Not too cluttered, noisy or ugly, nice and plain and simple and (without having tested) probably renders fine on phones ...