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Gilbert Martinez
Gilbert Martinez

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Striving for my AWS Solutions Architect Certification

I have many questions for fellow solutions architects!

What motivated you to become AWS certified?

What were you doing prior to what you are doing now?

Is the money good in being an AWS SA?

How hard was it landing that first job?

I am struggling being motivated to finish up but hearing your responses will greatly push me to go through and take the exam myself.

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Pratik Das

I completed my AWS solution architect Professional in November this year. About my motivation- A year back I was asked to build a few features on a mobile app I was working on for my organization using managed services from AWS within a few weeks. I knew very little about cloud at that time. The management rationale was it can be done very fast since you are using managed services- a typical AWS sales pitch to higher management. It was literally like learning to swim. I managed to implement the features as required by the end users with AWS but in the process learnt almost 30% of the platform. To rollout a single feature I had to set up IAM, roles, policies for RBAC, CloudWatch for logging, cloud trail for auditing, kinesis firehose for streaming debug logs, s3 for storage, s3 lifecycle policies and many more. At the end of it the best feeling was - I felt empowered. Everything from any flavor of infrastructure, servers, tools, services were available at the click of a button and I could use the AWS SDK to build and automate amazing capabilities. This is what I call full stack skillsets-if you can build and operate your infrastructure along with building and deploying your applications. So my main motivation following that was to learn everything about AWS. AWS is so addictive. I absolutely loved the dynamic provisioning capabilities using CloudFormation, Serverless with lambda and sam etc, I don't think you get advantage in job hunting because I know many people doing well in their careers without a certification and many choose not to pursue Certification even if they are experts on AWS. I hope I could motivate you enough. By the way , this is my first post here.


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Gilbert Martinez

Thank you so much for your response it was very very helpful!