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It Is Never Too Late To Learn Code!

Coding can be a great career and a great habit. I always ask others why wait until the new years rolls in to get started? You are only delaying what could be your best trait. Some ponder and think if they are good enough to even do code? Well I say why wouldn't you? We are a capable of learning and doing such incredible things and the ability to learn code is one of them! You are given the choice to create something that you wish to make such as an app or design websites or perhaps even more.

Before beginning learning to code I thought myself if this was something I enjoyed doing. You would be surprised as to how great it feels to accomplish just doing a a simple "Hello World". I like to describe coding as creative thinking involving puzzles where the puzzles are created by me and whenever bugs occur it is up to me to solve them. The more creative I get the more bugs I may receive and thus more puzzles I get to solve. Neat right?

Recently, I had a coworker who was interested in my side work of code. I asked if she was interested in learning and asked that she had no time to learn. I found that as an excuse and made her realize that the internet has tons of free information and many tutorials on others helping many on learning how to code. It is true! We live in a generation where we have so much information given to us freely that we do not use it to better ourselves. Is it really too much of a hassle to code 20 minutes, maybe an hour a day after your full-time job? An hour a day could benefit you greatly in the long run.

Working a dead end 9 to 5 job full-time can be tiring, but it may or may not lead you somewhere. Learning for 20 minutes or even an hour is never a waste of time as you are acquiring a set of skills bettering yourself. We get too comfortable after work coming home, settling down, relaxing, and going to bed as a routine. That to me seems more wasteful than acquiring skills to pursue something like working for myself.

I never understood why people wait until the actual new year to even begin something. Possibly because of the holidays or time being spent with family, but procrastination does happen and lack of motivation kicks in around this time. Finding the motivation to even begin is one of the worst things to go through and I always tell others "Lets find a YouTube video of how to start!".

We always search things up on how to start stuff or how to fix things on YouTube. I advise many to search "Learning to code" and you will see many video tutorials just waiting for you to view and learn.

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Usually people wait for brak points in their life. So New Year fits there at the top of them. You literally have a saying "New Year, New Me".
The sense of beginning is present everywhere, beginning on a Monday, Next Month, New Year, etc.. It gives us time to get mentally ready for upcomming "stress".
Once you get into your head, you can start any day of the week, at any time, you usually get things moving faster. But it's a constant battle with reminding oneself..

w3hubs profile image

ya, you are right. we have updated with every new technology and coding structure.