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re: I cannot speak about the specs but I keep hearing all around me of broken new gen mac books (ones with display instead of F keys).

Yeah, I'm writing this here on a MacBook Pro 2017. I had serious problems with a few of the keys after just two months of use. They were stuck because of dirt. So I had to carefully lift them in order to clean them. The keys are so delicate that you need to read tutorials about how to properly get them out without breaking them. And there's even a way to permanently damage the underlying butterfly mechanism that requires a full replacement.

And guess what? I broke two of the keys, and I followed that tutorial. I was lucky that only the key cap broke. Could have been worse but I better not become a surgeon. So in the end I had to buy replacement keys because the broken ones couldn't be attached anymore.

The most annoying part: the noise. Every single key press is as loud and obnoxious as possible, kinda like: hey look at me, I'm here, using a Macbook Pro!
A friend of mine told me that his entire department was all of a sudden getting equipped with Macbook Pros, and that the noise from typing was driving him nuts.

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