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re: It might be worth building an "engine inside an engine" for other projects if this is a risk, for example a highly customized system within Unreal ...

This is definitely an option, and I am remaining open to the idea of using a commercial engine for my adventure should that be the only option remaining, but I thoroughly believe I am doing the right thing, for me, by writing my own tech. I enjoy the path, and while this is a business, and costly to make my own tech, it is an interest of mine - need to remain interested in the long-term.

One issue nobody really talks about when using dependencies is the fact that you now depend on that technology. Sometimes this is truly fine, and adds no cost. And sometimes it could be that choices of other entities that destroy everything because of that dependency. It obviously comes with benefits too, so weigh your options.


There's certainly a craft in building something like this, but there's also two kinds of "tech" here: The kind that makes your game/engine unique, and the kind that does the same thing everyone else does like put triangles on the screen, take input, and play noises.

It's important to be able to focus on the first without getting mired in the second. Hope you've been able to strike a good balance there.

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