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Discussion on: What is the most fun coding problem you resolved?

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Tim Butterfield

One of my most fun problems to solve was back in 2008. It was porting the XDR messaging of a large C++ application on Linux to work cross-platform with C# applications on Windows. The end result of the multi-phase solution was an automated synchronization of the messaging code during the builds. A post-build step of the Linux project output an XML file containing the enum values and structures of all of the supported messages. During the build of the C# solution, that XML file output from the Linux build was used as input to generate C# code. This allowed the C# developers to use message classes with native C# types for each member of each message and easily send/receive those messages with the Linux C++ apps. Any change made to messages by the C++ developers on Linux was automatically pushed to the C# developers on Windows with the next build.

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