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Discussion on: Microservices with go-kit. Part 2

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If you happen to be using etcd (in my case on windows) versions:
"etcdserver": "3.4.3",
"etcdcluster": "3.4.0"

Using: sdetcd ""

I was seeing this message:

ts=2019-10-25T21:16:34.0458025Z caller=registrar.go:74 key=services-authgrpc-authgrpc:8182 value=authgrpc:8182 err="client: response is invalid json. The endpoint is probably not valid etcd cluster endpoint"

I changed to this:

sdetcd ""

And get this WINNING response :-)

ts=2019-10-25T21:17:43.5125494Z caller=registrar.go:77 key=services-authgrpc-authgrpc:8182 value=authgrpc:8182 action=register

Took me a while to realize this.

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