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Discussion on: JavaScript vs. Java

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moth • Edited on

What's the point of this article, comparing the two just because their names are similar?

JavaScript needs a runtime engine, which includes but is not limited to web browsers. IMO there's no real difference between Java and JS in that regard, they can run anywhere their runtime can. (Which you totally cover later in the post, nice!)

Java is the best programming language for stand-alone apps development is pure opinion.

JavaScript is easy to read and customize any programmer. I'd argue that the low barrier of entry to JS actually makes this false. A lot of JS can be horrific to read, especially if it ages. Java is honestly much more standard in this regard, a Java dev can look at 10 year old Java code and still find their way around. Ask a young programmer who lives in the React/Vue world to debug some old school jQuery, and they'd feel like they're on a different planet.

JavaScript is very hard to debug it CAN be, but there's a myriad of tools that makes this easy. It is just as hard to debug Java without the appropriate tooling.

Java is an Object-oriented programming language. so is JS in some regards. Would love to see you expand on this, ie what is the difference between OO in Java and JS? (classical vs prototypical inheritance for one.) For what it's worth, it'd be nice to highlight that JS is also a multi-paradigm language which supports functional programming out of the box as well.

Not trying to be harsh, I appreciate this but felt the need to respond. Have a great day!