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Discussion on: The 2021 Web Development (Frontend + Backend) RoadMap

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Timkor • Edited

I do not agree with this. Although it is possible to create single applications with frameworks like Vue.js, it is also perfectly able to render serverside. You do not have to generate client side code at all. You could even combine it: render serverside, hydrate client side and from that point on it can behave like a SPA. You can also just generate static websites with Vue.

For all above, it is easiest done with Nuxt.js.

In my opinion, developing in a component based framework is much more productive and future proof. Especially in Vue.js I think every part of your application/website is more isolated.

I agree though, that it is also possible with other stacks and that it might be a matter of preference and experience.

Though, I highly recommended trying out Vue.js.

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Pawail A. Qaisar

Calling anything 'futureproof' in this field is the height of hubris.

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Timkor • Edited

Agree, I meant: more futureproof, but you might have interpreted it already as that.
Javascript is certainly more future proof than PHP, same goes for Vue for jQuery. Regarding the usage and popularity.