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I contributed to DEV by adding small improvements to the tag moderator page!

It's quite a small one, but it was my first time trying out Ruby on Rails - Had to go the safe way (Better this than breaking all the tests)

Looking forward to contribute more on this great website + community! <3

Improve the tag edit page (Tag moderators only) #4137

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timrodz commented on Sep 30, 2019

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Since it's my first time working with Ruby, I decided to learn about ERB and do minor yet pleasing styling changes:

  • Decreased indentation for tag-edit.scss
  • Imported variables & mixins for code standardisation.
  • Moved the section order around to show mainly used ones first.
  • Textarea resizing is restricted to vertical
  • Focusing on a text field will set the border to a different colour
  • The 'Save Changes' CTA has been changed to go in accord with DEV's aesthetic

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