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Discussion on: 101 Tips For Being A Great Programmer (& Human)

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Tinus Smit

Awesome stuff :-D

I especially like "51. Kill your darlings". Too many developers have an unhealthy emotional attachment to their code, to the point where simple suggestions / questions are taken as attacks on the code. The code I wrote yesterday / last month / beginning of my career may be subject to improvement. Therefore I welcome discussions about my code and ways to improve. Sometimes I learn a new thing, and sometimes I teach a new thing with these sorts of discussions :-D

One important thing I also learned is to spot tunnel vision when it happens.

Whenever I'm trying to write some complicated clever code to solve a very specific problem, I take a step back and look at the big picture. Often times I'll see that what I was trying to do in one place was more efficiently done elsewhere, and my problem finds its resolution.