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Great post Nathan. Easy to understand. Only thing i couldn't get my head around is the Destructuring concept coz i haven't used or heard it before. Hopefully i'll get better understanding after some use.


Thanks dan, don't worry too much about destructuring, in simple application, we used it for shortening the syntax for getting state value only. For example, if you have this state initialized

this.state ={

Then when you want to get the value, do:

const {email, username} = this.state;

Instead of:

const email = this.state.email;
const username = this.state.username;

Now in my example tutorial, I have also included destructuring assignment into a new variable, like:

const { email:myEmail } = this.state;

But to tell you the truth, I never used this kind of assignment, so just consider it an extra knowledge that might be useful sometime 😆

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