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Discussion on: HowTo: My Terminal & Shell setup - Hyper.js + ZSH + starship ☄🔥

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Thomas Jaskiewicz Author

Hi, Rizky.

It seems starship is a spin-off from spaceship with less language support.

Yes, definitely, starship was inspired by spaceship.
By less languages support you mean the prompt info about their version? Frankly, I don't need all of them. I feel perfectly fine with the smaller list of supported languages that startship provides. Besides that, the prompt can be adjusted later on.

So why do u pick starship though?

From what starship's contributors state it's created to be compatible with many shells, fast, customizable and minimal. Those arguments resonate with me, I got convinced to give starship a try. Moreover, starship is intensively developing and supported (it doesn't mean that spaceship is not).

Happy coding!