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Won’t be using github. A corporation can’t purchase a community and use it effectively. None of the acquisitions that MS has made were improved upon and most are all out failures. Nokia was to be their mobile savior, was just the largest tax write-off in history. Skype sucks, Yammer is getting worse, and don’t even start with share point. None of their tools seem to work on their own, let alone as a cohesive set of dev tools. Linked-in is now pay-to-play and they were a revenue loss even before they were purchased and will fade away into another write off.

Don’t be fooled by MS embracing OSS or Linux. They had to start hosting Linux platforms in order to gain 46% of their Azure business subscriptions. That was the only way they became relevant and gained enough critical mass to sustain their Azure platform. Without LInux, Azure would be another loss.
Everytime our enterprise starts using an MS devolpment toolset, everything is changed or dropped long before anything can be put into production. One of our divisions is trying to implement VSTS, while another one refuses to migrate off of TFS. A third is trying to replace github with nuget. We can’t even get the MS devs to agree on MS tools and they can’t be called effective in any way.
Linux apps running on Google chrome is a much more transformative change, especially in mobile and cloud stacks.
MS hasn’t been an effective dev platform since their failed implementation of Vista/Silverlight collapse. We’re sitting on a timebomb of legacy windows apps with no replacement or support in sight because we are not able to replace these unsupported MS technologies that have become dangerously insecure.
And we don’t see any cohesive set of cross-platform tools or hosting options, which is what OSS really promises. .Net and MS have become a Ponzi scheme of technology stacks. Empty promises, and then it’s time to move on before you realize this just isn’t working.


A third is trying to replace github with nuget

Wat? Those tools do entirely different things.

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