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Discussion on: Help: Should a new service worker force a refresh to update a PWA?

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Tobias SN

No. Absolutely not. You should never force reload an application of any kind without the user asking for it. Instead, just show a non-obstructing notification saying something like “A new version is available. Reload to enable it.”.

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Mike Healy Author

Fair enough. I guess I still need to know how to detect a new version of the app in order to show that message.

As it turned out I couldn't actually get my app to work offline in Chrome anyway 😐

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It's actually easy. You can add an event listeners inside your service worker that listens for the install event. Whenever it fires, send a message via postmessage to your main thread and show a update info to your users.
When users presses ok send another message to the service worker back that triggers a "self.skipWaiting()" and afterwards a location.reload()

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