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Discussion on: On the Occasional Misdiagnosis of "Not Invented Here Syndrome"

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Tobi Obeck

Hi Ben, great article!

It is also fine to reinvent something just to learn how it works.
Following the slogan:

"What I cannot create, I do not understand"

Bundle size and tree-shakeability should also be considered when importing npm packages.

Could you elaborate on licence concerns when copy and pasting a part of the code from a library? What implications does this have?
Is it necessary to add a licence notice about the library in the project? If not done, is it a copyright infringement?
Does it differ when the copied code code is altered slightly?
I assume understanding the given code and coming up with an very similar solution would be legally fine.

Also a good article on that matter with the tendency to rely on proven solutions:
How to stand on the shoulders of giants by Quincy Larson