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Discussion on: Fastest way to generate a LitElement project in 3 minutes

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Todd Pressley Author

Wow, thanks @btoproell!

I really appreciate your well-conceived, actionable feedback! And you are fully right to suspect this is not the end for our starter, btw (:

Although I've not yet decided on a target application to build, I'm thinking something simpler than Coinbase Pro but more complex than TodoMVC...

What app would you want to build?

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Bryan Ollendyke

Something that visualizes / builds on data from an open API of some kind. Not positive what that would be but maybe building a way of searching and presenting spaceX photos or NASA so that users could search, review, page through results etc. Hits an endpoint of data, renders and rerenders data, has user input. And has pretty pictures to boot.

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Todd Pressley Author

Great suggestion! Simple enough for devs just getting started, yet useful to the more seasoned ones as well.

Those will make for amazing cover photos, as well!

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