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Tom Harford
Tom Harford

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About Tom Harford

Tom was born in Upstate NY. He has a wife and four children and currently resides in Albany, New York. Tom has long had a passion for exotic animals, working in pet stores, breeding animals, earning a PhD in zoology, working at a zoo and now teaching science to middle school students.

With all this experience and knowledge of exotic animals, Tom’s passion is exotic pets and educating people on the proper care and keeping of exotic animals. His children have owned and cared for many of their own exotic animals, including hedgehogs, sugar gliders, chameleons, pythons, chinchillas and more.

Tom volunteers part-time at a local zoo doing animal education with children. He also still owns many exotic pets of his own. He wants his articles to focus on specific exotic pets and teach people the basics of their proper care and keeping. Responsible, informed care of exotic pets is vitally important to him.

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