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Discussion on: Why I'm not a fan of pair programming

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Tom Docu

I agree with you. I'm a very slow learner when it comes to coding / programming. I was not very happy with the course that I took as it was fast paced, staff exited and new staff came in, or staff would alternate so we were exposed to different styles of learning and coding every day, and many outside issues came into play (life).

As we were students in a classroom environment, pair programming was required every so often. I realized clearly that I was a lagging weight on many partners who learned much quicker than myself. It did not do much for my confidence or my learning that I was spending too much time trying to keep up, writing or copying code I didn't understand, and worrying about aggravating anyone due to my need to dig deeper into things they shrugged off as unimportant in their quest to appease the instructors. I like the idea of having mentors. I need it. Pair programming in my humble opinion, again as a novice, is not ideal.

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edA‑qa mort‑ora‑y Author

This same time of pressure to produce exists in a lot of work environments as well. If it's supposed to be a "pair" you might find colleagues that also consider one an anchor. This is why I prefer to make it more informal, or consider it mentoring. If the other person knows his goal isn't to produce code, but to get you to produce code, the dynamic is very different.

If you find the other person is also unwilling to mentor you, then that's a whole other story.