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Discussion on: Keeping your dependencies updated automatically with Dependabot

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Tony Dehnke

Is there a way to have it only run CI Checks 1 by 1 and merge.. Rather than say 20 checks, merge 1, retrigger 19 checks, merge 1, retrigger 18 etc?

Would be nice to be able to reduce the CI time and cost.

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Jonah Lawrence Author

Since the codebase changes when you merge a PR, the checks will run again in order to ensure it is compatible with the new version of the default branch.

To avoid this, you could either modify the CI to skip automatic checks when the author is dependabot, so you'll have to run it manually on each PR.

Or alternatively, you could try this workflow (or a similar one) that will group dependency PRs together into one, so you can merge them all at once.