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I switched to a Windows dev machine a couple years ago after my team started having issues with the touchbar Macbook pros. Overall have been very happy with it, especially the hardware . And Windows 10 is very innovative with new features 2x/year . But there are still some rough edges with Windows 10 -- WSL is a bit slow (though usable with the right tweaks), and the terminal is terrible.

Then Microsoft dropped both the Kernel announcement and the sexy new terminal. By the end of the year Windows will be a serious dev environment.

MS sees developers as their key market, and they are innovating very quickly with Windows 10 to please developers. It's a huge win for us, especially since Apple has completely neglected devs.

I highly encourage everyone to try Windows 10, no matter how much you've hated it in the past. It's very good and will be the best platform at the end of the year when the Kernel ships.


That's right! As you mentioned, the current Windows Terminal is really bad. I'm using Terminator running on WSL with a Windows X Server (sourceforge.net/projects/vcxsrv/)

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