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Discussion on: Looking for a Vue open-source project

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Olle Pridiuksson

I am affiliated here, since I am contracting for the parent company. But here's something that you may be interested in:

vue.js-based editor under Apache 2.0 license that produces PWA. Built by a rock star team, so the code should be good.

GitHub logo ProtocolONE / ptah-editor

Powerful, fast and Open source Web Builder Framework for modern cross browser landing pages for the games.

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Ptah - Vue.js-based landing page builder

Ptah is a Vue.js-based open-source game-focused landing page builder framework that combines various ready-to-use templates It is can be used as a separate product or as an editor inside a CMS to empower less technical users to create modern and fast landing pages for games or e-commerce.

  • Open source under Apache-2.0 license
  • Built with Vue.js
  • Produces ready to deploy PWA projects
  • Can be used as a standalone tool or intergrated into your CMS
  • Ships with a library of built-in templates that you can extend
    • All our templates feature responsive design out of the box and are mobile-friendly
  • Contains multiple ready to use building blocks
    • Such as galleries, system requirements, supported gaming platforms, social links, lead forms, presale options and more
    • Each building block (a 'section') can be additionally tweaked to your needs and taste
    • Sections support drag-n-drop and live edits

A good demo is