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re: You have raised awesome points! I was also stuck in job searching situation until 2 months ago. For me, these things helped me alot: preparing f...

Thank you so much for adding a few extra pointers!!! I think that your point about following up is a great one. I sometimes have a hard time getting past the idea that I may be bothering them, but that's silly. Also, I'd love a PDF version of Cracking the Coding Interview. :)


Here's the pdf cracking_the_coding_interview_pdf_...

Keeping regular followups is indeed hard. But it also shows that you as candidate are really interested in them. Also you need to move on to other companies if you know that the one where you've already applied isn't interested in calling. In my opinion, it is their responsibility to send candidates a proper follow up response (whether they're rejecting you or keeping you on hold). If they're not doing it than candidates have right to ask themselves.

In my comment, I forgot to mention 2 other points

  • Always study the company profile before going for an interview. Read about their product(s)/services, core values. Ask interviewer(s) about their daily office routine, challenges that they face in technical and communication terms etc. These kinds of post interview conversations prove your interest and individual curiosity.

  • Give them a thank you card at the end of an interview as a gesture of appreciation.

Thank you so much for adding to this discussion!!!

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