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Discussion on: How I Got Hired at DEV (and Every Other Tech Job)

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Victoria Crawford

When I first started looking for a job the networking aspect scared me the most. My thought towards cold-calling/emailing was that I was bothering whoever I was trying to contact. It took a long time for me to be comfortable with it, so I find your tenacity amazing.

The craziest thing to me now is how much I enjoy receiving cold emails or DM's asking for my advice or help. Now I always think to myself "maybe this person enjoys helping others like I do" which gives me incentive and confidence to press send.

Anyways, great post!! I'm really excited to listen to your podcast on my commute now!

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Jacob Herrington (he/him) Author

Glad to hear that!

I'm the same way, I love being able to help people, so I hope that others have the same response. 😁