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Discussion on: 5 Mistakes I Made My First Year Learning to Code

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Victoria Crawford

I felt like this the first 6 months of my coding journey, which is why I eventually ended up at a bootcamp. There was SO much to learn out there and everything was shiny and attractive. It was difficult to rein myself in and I felt I needed structure. I do, however, wish I could have had the self-discipline to go the self-taught route because I could have saved a ton of money.

Keep on trucking along Ceora! You seem to be doing amazing despite the 5 mistakes you listed above! Just keep in mind to do your best at not repeating your mistakes! It's how we get better. 😊

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Ceora Ford Author

I think this happens to a lot of people who choose the self-taught route. I partially wrote this for those people. But I also wrote this for myself so that I can also avoid repeating my mistakes. Thank you so much for the encouragement!