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Unfortunately it sounds like you've managed what you set out to do.. you've learned about working in a team. Sometimes you work with rockstars, sometimes you don't.

However, chances are that the other members of the team have other specialties or are scrambling to get code out the door with an unfamiliar framework. Try and keep in mind that they may feel just as burned out as you. It sucks, but I can definitely understand it. I've been in plenty of jobs where I don't have time to take lunch, nevermind read a bunch of links someone had sent to me.

Perhaps the problem is best addressed by not doing the work for them. Nobody is going to learn that way. Explain, provide a simple example and get back to your own work.

However, first thing you NEED to do is speaking to your supervisor about it.

My final thoughts here would be that if you have a team of 6 and only 1 knows how or can possibly grasp how to use the framework, maybe it isn't the right framework, or it isn't the right team.


That is a very well put message, my friend. You spoke a lot of wisdom right there.


Hi, thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, the framework choice was a decision made several steps up and applied company wide.

Whoever made the choice underestimated the effort necessary to get all teams up to speed.


That's how it goes sometimes. Just make sure that those who need to know are aware of the problems before you make a big decision. Maybe something a bit more official could help move things along.

Either way, best of luck!

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