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Discussion on: The next generation of programming is closer than you think

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There are diverging trends in this space:

There are a lot of good examples of visual or no-code tools for transforming data or managing infrastructure which is very visual and requires no code. They can be really good if itś truly turn-key and you get things done right now.

However ... a lot of data transformation and infrastructure management is migrating from visual tools to writing it as code. The reason is that systems for doing this are expensive, unreliable, moving targets, proprietory, hard to automate, hard to validate, slow, obsolete, and often not a good long-term investment if you want to learn these tools.

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Steve Sewell Author • Edited

Agreed, I think tools like Airtable and have their place and strike a good balance for their use cases, but for general purpose visual programming I think that will lie in tools like JSX lite and Build that can add a visual layer directly on code so you don't lose the benefit of code and existing code tooling